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Strip-search is a late part of the day in Cooloo allowing Citizens to win.


The exact number of strip-searched people per day is announced on the beginning of the game by Mannitou as it depends on total number of players; it is usually two or three, though.

The strip-search voting shall be preceded by discussion in which players propose candidates to get strip-searched. Afterwards, if number of propositions does not happen to be lower or equal to number of strip-searched, standard voting follows, in which everybody is obligued to vote for exactly as many candidates as will be strip-searched (no absentions). In case of tie happening without help of priority voter (i.e. mayor), lower number of people gets strip-searched.

Every statuette held by strip-searched (knowingly or not) becomes then property of Citizens.

Unless this has led to end of the game, players are allowed to mistreat one of strip-searched players.

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