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The statuette (also known as the figurine) is an imaginary element of Cooloo which is of key importance to most of the fractions.

Having the statuette

At any point of game, the statuette is in hold of one of the players. Whenever another factions gets hold of it, it is announced (eg. "Bandits have reclaimed a statuette").

In some cases, a possibility exists when a player having a statuette without knowing about it. Whenever rules mention possessing a statuette, it should be assumed that it means having it knowingly. Having a statuette means just that - having it, not necessarily with knowledge about it.

Fake statuettes

Some extra rules (factions, characters, events) may generate extra counterfeit statuettes. Each faction's rules shall mention how it deals with these, but generally referring to "a statuette" shall be used when fakes qualify and referring to "the statuette" is supposed to mean the original one.

Every player may have any amount of figurines at the same time. If fraction is going to redistribute the figurines and does not know if any of them is the true one, they shall be given to players in order of getting them.

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