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Factions are the teams the players belong to. There are divided into normal (team) factions and one-person (loner) factions.


Aims during game development

Faction has a defined win condition. After the faction achieves its win condition, all of the team's members win, whether they're dead or alive.

Characters are assigned to factions, and very rarely can change their affiliation. This ensures that it is possible to create diversified, interesting and influential characters without breaking the game balance. For example, assigning a character that can kill a big number of players to a faction which goal is to kill other factions can (and would) have game-breaking consequences, whereas adding strange conditions to this skill will render the character useless outside of this faction.

One-person factions

However stupid it may sound, Cooloo includes also factions consisting of only one member. These are usually not really welcome in groups favoring discussions over mechanics; on the other hand, they provide an easy way to refresh the game, which is essential for the players focusing on mechanics.
The usual member of one-person faction (loner) would have either a very simple goal, or a very big influnce on the game, in order to compensate for lack of support.

Werewolf is a separate case, because while it starts as a loner, it expands its faction.

Faction change

An element of gameplay that is not present in classic Ktulu, but was introduced in Cooloo, is presence of rules allowing some characters to change their factions (however these never force the players to do that). Some of the examples of this rules are:

  1. the aforementioned Werewolf,
  2. loner Bruce Willis,
  3. some of the events.

About some team factions

The most important faction of Cooloo, reminding of the lineage of Mafia, are Citizens, winning if they acquire the statuette during the day, or if one of them keeps it until the morning. The counterweight for them are Bandits, who win if they possess the statuette on the morning after a few days. Somewhat on the side are the Indians, who simply wnat to butcher everyone else.

The most popular of optional factions, Aliens, win after possessing the statuette during 3 nights. Similarly, Blackfaces win when they hold the statuette long enough to organise an escape. There will be many more optional factions described, hopefully available soon below.

All documented factions, in alphabetical order

Team factions


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