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Duel is typical part of day in Cooloo. Duel allows players mutually to eliminate themselves by gaining support of others.


To begin duel, one must challenge another player to it. Challenged player is allowed to refuse the duel if a character guaranteeing this law (usually the sheriff) is alive. In such case the duel does not start.
To reduce overkills, number of started (not refused) duels per day is reduced in most cases (usually to two). Sometimes also number of players challenged by one player at one day is also limited, for example to three (these three players may be however challenged any number of times that day).

If the player does not (and/or cannot) refuse the duel, the dueling players follow with speeches to the voting crowd - which is obligued to get silent then. Next standard voting follows - each person votes who shall win or who shall lose. Note that abstention (not voting at all) is allowed in this spedific case.

Results interpretation

If one of players has greater dueling level than another one, then one with smaller level loses without any influence of the voting. However the fact of player winning this way (by gunslinging) is only announced to players by Mannitou if the winner would lose otherwise.

If both players have equal dueling level, one who lost the voting loses. In case of a tie, both players lose unless nobody voted; then nobody loses. Note that Mannitou is allowed to interpret the tie as he/she wishes if one of voting players has a priority vote, i.e. is a known mayor.

The players who lost die unless some character having duel-changing skills will use them immediately after Mannitou announcing the results.

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