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Cooloo is the game this site is about. It cannot be easily put into a genre but it has elements of psychological, logical, strategical and pseudorandom game.

Cooloo is based on Mafia and is widely known as ktulu, but site authors want to change this.


Cooloo origins are not well known; the basics of the game are however founded by members of 21. Warszawska Drużyna Wędrownicza (part of ZHP, one of Polish scout organisations), led by Adam Foland. They modified Mafia by focusing on characters, adding a statuette, 3 basic factions and duels. Later the game started to develop by creation of many more optional fractions and gameplay modifications. 21.WDW released two official, quite strict, sets of rules.

As time flowed, it became obvious that game changed as being adapted by various communities. Adam Foland and his colleagues started work on modifications of rules focusing on one specific metagame, with aim of making this changes into next official set of rules. This made site authors annoyed enough to start working on database containing information on many different game varieties (including those found bad, but mostly those found cool and wicked) and making it easy to test their own rules extensions.

"Ktulu" as the name of Cooloo

"Ktulu" (or, in original, "Cthulhu") is the official name of the game, which is widely spread in Polish communities. It is obviously a reference to works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. However, the title (which has almost no impact whatsoever on the story of the game) could cause legal problems. Site authors coined up name "Cooloo", which additionally allowed to accent the difference between them and original authors.


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