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Citizens are the most basic, 'good-aligned' faction of Cooloo. Citizens win after capturing the Statuette and holding it during the day. It is important to note that similarly to mafia citizens do not know each other, in contrast to other factions.

Primary qualities

As already mentioned, members of this faction do not know each other; citizens do not have any team actions, but the day actions of all players are story-wise considered actions of citizens. To compensate for this problem, the citizens' faction is typically far more numerous than other team factions.

There are three most typical scenarios equivalent to citizens winning the game:

  1. Death of the statuette's owner during a day.
  2. Strip-searching the owner of the statuette.
  3. Getting hold of the statuette by Citizens during night and still owning it at dawn.

Unusual interactions

Citizens automatically recognise false statuettes, in case ones exist in the game, but these do not lead to them winning the game. Specifically, if citizens get hold of a false statuette, it is destroyed immediately.


History, variants, trivia

In very early versions of the game, citizens won immediately after getting hold of statuette during night. The change of rules that amended this has been found to greatly improve game dynamics and balance, though.

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